10 January 2019

With 2019 finally upon us, YMCA Somerset Coast is making a change for the New Year, with a brand new identity and name: YMCA Dulverton Group. The change comes in order to better reflect the large geographical area and many communities the charity serves.

Having begun the transition from YMCA Somerset Coast to YMCA Dulverton Group, the name change has already come into effect for many parts of the organisation including the email addresses of staff and main social media channels. Part of the change has also included the construction of a brand new website, which went live this week. The new and updated site is available here:www.ymca-dg.org/

CEO of YMCA Dulverton Group, Martin Hodgson said: “The change of name is part of an identity shift for us to accurately represent and reflect the communities across the locations we deliver our services to. We are proud to be one of the UK’s largest YMCA’s and this change will help us to continue delivering our services across a large area.”

The changes across YMCA Dulverton Group will continue over the coming months, with the introduction of individual community branches which will be delivered in the near future.