We believe that all young people, individuals and families should have a safe place to stay.


Homelessness can happen to anyone. You could be 16 and fall out with your parents, maybe they kick you out. Or perhaps their issues mean you just can’t live with them anymore.

You might be 60, have lost your job, your home and your partner. Perhaps you’re somewhere in the middle, had your own flat but found yourself unable to cope with payments. People lose their homes for all kinds of reasons, at all stages of life.

Finding Somewhere to Live

Every year YMCA Dulverton Group provides approximately 500 young people, individuals and families with a place to live and helps many more find accommodation that is suitable to them across Somerset and Devon.

Depending on the support needs of the individual we have shared rooms and flats, studio flats, cluster rooms and houses for families or small groups. Each house is a truly unique place to live and offers people in need of accommodation from aged 16 years the opportunity to make a fresh start and move on into their futures.

Types of Accommodation Available

We provide support and accommodation for young people (aged 16-25 years) for up to 2 years, depending on circumstances.

We have a range of self-contained accommodation, including: single person studio flats, mobility units providing independent living accommodation for wheelchair users and bedrooms that are grouped in clusters, with each cluster being made up of seven bedrooms, each with en-suite bathroom and shared lounge, kitchen and laundry facilities.

We provide accommodation for families in need. Families are referred by Sedgemoor District Council and support is provided by the Council’s Family Support team.

Emergency Accommodation for 16-25-year olds

Where a young person aged 16-25 years, is in an immediate housing crisis we can offer short term emergency YMCA accommodation called Crash Pads.

This type of temporary accommodation allows us the time to develop a plan for that individual with the goal of getting them into safe and permanent accommodation or back with their families where appropriate.



We were not currently able to offer a Nightstop Service.

Nightstop provides a safe, supportive bed for the night in the home of a host volunteer. Here, a young person (aged between 16-25 years) in need of emergency accommodation will get a room of their own, an evening meal, breakfast, access to wash facilities and a friendly host to talk to. A young person can stay in Nightstop for up 7 nights (as long as we have hosts available) while we help them to look for somewhere to live longer term.

Our team assist the young person as they explore their housing options or support them to return to the family home. We will conduct an assessment to see whether they are suitable for the Nightstop service.

The Nightstop scheme relies on the kindness of host families – volunteers who have space in their homes, opening their doors to a young person for a short time. For further information please visit the volunteer section of this website.


Through our Accommodation and Support Hubs we aim to support young people aged 16-25 years old, with housing options and advice, employment opportunities and support. We provide approximately 30,000 hours of support to young people and their families each year.

Find out more

We take referrals from the Housing Advice team at your relevant local council. Please visit the website of you local council for more information.

YMCA Dulverton Group contact details:

Telephone : 0333 200 1616
Email : info@ymca-dg.org

If you think that YMCA Dulverton Group accommodation might be a good option for you, or someone you know, then please get in touch with us.

Most often, people in need of our services can be referred to us by outside partner agencies, however in some cases, a person can self-refer by contacting our Accommodation and Support Team.

          To start an application process, enquire for someone you know or to check the options available to you in your area, please ring us on 0333 200 1616 or send us a message through a contact form below and we will be happy to help with advice and guidance.


“Before coming to the YMCA I was sleeping on a park bench and on friends’ floors, the YMCA gave me a roof and support to start again. When I look back I don’t know what I would have done without the staff at the Y!”


Darren, YMCA Resident