You can support YMCA Dulverton Group in a number of fun and creative ways. Every penny you raise will really count as we work hard to support the young people and communities who access our services 365 days a year.

If you would like to organise your own fundraising or sponsored event at your home, school, church, YMCA or place of work, don’t forget to contact us for posters, leaflets, branded materials and collecting tins.

 The best way to manage your fundraising is to set up a personal fundraising page online which is a simple way to collect your donations and sponsorship.


Setting up your own fundraising page

Setting up a fundraising page with Local Giving is quick, easy and 100% free!

Ask your friends for sponsorship, keep track of donations and share your progress via Facebook or Twitter. Plus, use our top tips to make sure your fundraiser is a success.

●  Free, quick and easy – set up your page and get started right away
●  100% secure donations – all groups are validated and payments secure
●  Choose a charity you care about – search by postcode, name, region or cause

Make a big impact – see the huge difference you can make to a small charity

Does your school, church or club organise fundraising events? Why not ask if they would like to support YMCA Dulverton Group next time?

Do you pass by Waitrose, ASDA, Tesco or Sainsbury’s on your way home? Did you know that most supermarkets have Local Charity Schemes? If you nominate YMCA Dulverton Group, we have a chance to get financial or volunteer support for a month or a whole year!
Do your friends or family work for another company? Why not ask them if their employer runs nomination schemes? You might find that companies like to prioritise those charities their employees are somehow linked with.

Do you run/ cycle/ swim/ bungee jump?
You can always fundraise for us.

Do you like to bake/ sew/ cook for friends/ organise events?
You could be doing what you like, while fundraising for us.

For further information email