3 women and a child standing outside

16 March 2023

One of the most rewarding aspects of having such a long standing nursery like Yew Trees in Tarnock, is being able to welcome parents to the setting, that, as children, attended the nursery many years ago.

It’s incredibly humbling and rewarding to remember them as children, to hear about their successes and achievements and to know that their Early Years experiences have played a key role in providing the scaffolding of who they are today.

Heidi, our Nursery Manager at Yew Trees, wanted to share this particular story which holds a very special place in her heart. This story reflects the positive impact that having such a well established and long standing nursery has had on three generations.

Three Generations, by Heidi

Let me introduce you to Maisie, (in the middle of the picture), my first key child when I started working in the Preschool, around 2001. She was a bright, lovely little girl who loved nature, the outdoors and caring for everyone. Once Maisie left Preschool and continued her journey through education, she would still use our After-School Club, so I was able to have regular updates on her progress.

The second person I would like to introduce you to Bronwen (on the left of the picture). Brownwen is part of the Yew Trees Team, my work colleague and friend but more importantly, Maisie’s mum. Bronwen would always share stories at work of Maisie’s adventures and her journey through education after she left here, and we loved the updates. I was naturally very pleased when Maisie chose to carry out her School Work Experience at Yew Trees and her interest in Early Years continued to evolved when she undertook some voluntary work with us during the school holidays. You can imagine how thrilled we were to hear that Maisie had chosen to enrol on an apprenticeship, choosing to do her work placement at Yew Trees. Soon enough, Maisie was qualified and a full member of our team.

After a little while, Maisie chose to reduce down her hours to part time, to enable her to attend college, during which time she fell pregnant. During her maternity leave, Maisie moved to Bristol and sadly we lost a great member of our team. However, this was only short lived and once her little boy arrived, Maisie relocated locally and returned to our team at Yew Trees. We not only thrilled to welcome her back as a member of staff, but delighted to welcom her son Cooper too!

So, there is it is, the three generations, all of which are at Yew Trees in a variety of capacities, and all of whom I have the pleasure of knowing and being a part of their lives, for many years past and hopefully many more in the future.

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