We believe every young person should be able to fulfil their potential. We seek to offer opportunities to young people to develop in confidence and shine as individuals, we do this through, apprenticeships, training and volunteer opportunities.

Apprenticeships provide valuable hands on experience and technical knowledge, along with functional and personal skills required for career progression.

As an apprentice you’ll:

●  Work alongside experienced staff
●  Gain job-specific skills
●  Earn a wage and get holiday pay
●  Get time for study related to your role

YMCA Dulverton Group Apprenticeship roles
●  Professional cookery
●  Hospitality
●  Childcare
●  Maintenance
●  Administration
●  Finance

The Tenant Accreditation Scheme is a module-based work book which equips you with the skills, knowledge and understanding required to seek independent accommodation and successfully maintain a home and tenancy.

The TAS course contains current, useful and relevant housing information.

Benefits of the TAS course

● To gain the practical tools to move on and sustain long term housing.
● It is flexible – can be worked around your schedule

Am I eligible for the TAS course?

You are eligible to apply for the course if you are:

● 16 years old and over
● Living within Somerset West and Taunton or Sedgemoor

For more information and to apply for the course please email: tenancytraining@ymca-dg.org

The Tenant Ready Scheme (TRS) offers an exciting range of services designed to help those looking to move into independent accommodation or looking for some support to maintain their current tenancy.

Through the TRS you can access:

● The Tenant Accreditation Scheme Work Book
● Assistance with bank accounts and benefits
● A Floating Support Worker for under 25’s
● Free Citizen card

Am I eligible for the TRS course?

You are eligible to apply for the course if you are:

● 16 years old and over
● Living within Somerset West and Taunton or Sedgemoor

For more information about the Tenant Ready Scheme please email: tenancytraining@ymca-dg.org


The Homefinder Tenancy Training scheme aims to provide support and education to local tenants of social housing and equip them with the knowledge and skills to successfully maintain a home and tenancy.

We accept referrals from a range of Registered Social Landlords across Somerset for both current and perspective tenants. Some of the landlords we work with include:

Incorporating our Tenant Accreditation Scheme modules alongside practical support the scheme includes support such as setting up bill payments, sign-posting to relevant agencies, benefits and grants guidance and applications and general care for properties as well as individual personal care. The support can be delivered face-to-face or by other means to allow flexibility for the tenant.

The scheme is delivered in Sedgemoor and Somerset West and Taunton by YMCA Dulverton Group and across South Somerset by Homegroup and Mendip by YMCA Brunel Group.

For more information, please email tenancytraining@ymca-dg.org

For more information please email info@ymca-dg.org or call 0333 200 1616