17 April 2020

YMCA Highbridge and Burnham-on-Sea, part of YMCA Dulverton Group, has been working in partnership with Sedgemoor District Council to support vulnerable local people; with the new building in Highbridge becoming accommodation to support the community throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

The YMCA Highbridge building, opened in January, has become the home for local individuals to help them safely self-isolate.

Martin Hodgson, CEO of YMCA Dulverton Group commented: “As you know this wasn’t part of the plan, however it has been great to welcome new people into the accommodation and give them an opportunity to be safe. It’s been a mammoth task, however with the support of Sedgemoor and so many other partners we have been able to make a great provision for our community.”

The individuals and families being accommodated are being provided with three meals a day prepared by the YMCA team at Yew Trees nursery in Axbridge and have also received kind donations from the local community.

The YMCA team have been working to support residents enabling them to understand and follow the Government guidelines regarding self-isolating and social distancing as well as providing support in partnership with the Nelson Trust. This support is being provided 24 hours a day.

Andrew Pearce, of YMCA Dulverton Group said: “We have been really touched by the support of the people of Highbridge who are offering donations and assistance where possible.” He added: “Many of the people we are accommodating would have otherwise been sleeping rough or sofa surfing and as a result would have been at huge risk, our job is to ensure we make them as safe as possible during these uncertain times.”

YMCA Dulverton Group have been adapting services across Sedgemoor to meet the changing community need throughout Covid-19 and have been working to ensure that the most vulnerable members of the community are supported during this challenging time.