Two people stand between banners next to a table with leaflets and a computer

2 October 2022

Recently, the Tenancy Training team attended the Citizens Advice open morning in Sedgemoor. The event was open to members of the public, which welcomed in lots of faces. The morning was predominantly there to increase awareness and understanding surrounding Citizens Advice, but it was also a great opportunity for other local organisations within the area to come together.

We believe everyone should be able to access our services and start their journey to independent accommodation. All of YMCA Dulverton Group’s tenancy training schemes, including the Tenant Accreditation Scheme, Tenant Ready Scheme and Home Finder Tenancy Training, exist to empower individuals to feel confident in their ability to acquire and successfully maintain a tenancy. The support covers a broad range of tenancy training, including housing options, bills and finances, furniture, wellbeing and even how to look after your home in an appropriate manner. Depending on the scheme and the individual’s needs, the team offer unique support which can help existing, new and potential tenants throughout their journey. Our teams also understand that due to the continued changes in housing, it is crucial that our courses contain current, useful and relevant housing information, to give our young people the best opportunity.

The open morning was extremely beneficial, and our teams were able to share their services with a variety of different people. Due to current concerns surrounding the cost-of-living crisis, it is important that individuals are accessing all the support and guidance available to them, not only to ensure they can attempt to maintain security within their tenancy, but within their day-to-day lives. 

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