5 October 2020

After years of poor behaviour and sofa surfing across the south west, KC is finally in his own accommodation. Take a look at his story…

My name is KC. I moved into my first YMCA in Taunton when I was 18.

Unfortunately, I lost my room due to poor behaviour. I left with large rent arrears and refused to accept support and work cooperatively with staff.

I ended up sofa surfing for six months and became mixed up in all sorts of trouble. I was fed up of sofa surfing and the lifestyle I was caught up in. My leaving care worker took my case back to panel where I was given another chance, and was provided accommodation in YMCA Street, in November 2019.

Despite being given a second chance, I let myself down again and lost my room. It felt like I was pushed back to square one and found myself sofa surfing again. I was then taken to panel again and was given another chance to turn my life around. I was determined not to mess this up.

I was put into emergency accommodation at YMCA Minehead and began fully engaging with support. After a few days, I was given my own room and started attending regular sessions with my support worker, Donna. I also enlisted onto TAS (Tenant Accreditation Scheme) with Emma. The scheme equips you with the skills, knowledge and understanding required to seek independent accommodation and successfully maintain a home and tenancy.

I have now completed my TAS, and have finally paid off all my arrears. This hard work and determination has led me into gold band, ready to move onto my own independent living.

Thanks to the YMCA I have managed to turn my life around. My message to my leaving care worker is a huge thank you. We have been working together for five years with large rent arrears, today I can finally say I have paid off all I owe.

Donna, his support worker at YMCA Minehead has said, “We are so proud that KC has managed to turn his life around for the better. We can’t wait to see what the future hold for him in his new independent accommodation.”