5 August 2020

What I like about working for the Somerset West Lodging Scheme is that every day is different I am responding to the changing needs of the landlords, yet there are some activities that may be typical in the day of a Lodging Scheme Manager.

Every landlord is unique and I enjoy getting to know them and understanding their reasons for wanting to be a live in landlord.

My landlords vary from the young person who wants a room buddy; to a single person who’s children have left home through to someone in their senior years who is looking for company. The scheme suits every need!

Each day is spent on both active landlord engagement and the extensive administrative paperwork that the job entails.  My time is taken with landlord meetings at their homes, being based in the Routes office performing my admin or being out and about networking, and traveling to landlords.

My other important tasks include generating leads for potential landlords, assisting and placing lodgers, research, marketing and building strong landlord and lodger relationships.

The best part of my role is seeing the appreciation on the landlords faces and being able to help getting a lodger become a reality and that they longer feel like they are going through the whole process on their own.

I get to make a difference to those who are seeking ways to earn an extra income.  This is extremely rewarding.


My typical day as a Lodging Scheme Manager

7.00 a.m.

My alarm goes off, surely it’s not that time already! I get out of bed and savour 30 minutes peace and quiet before getting my children up and dressed ready for their eagerly awaited home schooling.

7.30 a.m.

By this time I am usually calling upstairs to make sure the children are out of bed, dressed and ready for their breakfast. Yes, its chocolate spread on toast again (too much porridge in lock down) and the dog needs walking and the tortoises need feeding too!


8.00 a.m.

As every day is different and unique I try to have breakfast at home so I don’t get hungry in the car or when I get to the office I am ready for the day ahead and can start straight away.

I tidy up and make sure everyone has what they need for the day ahead.

8.30 a.m.

I turn on my work phone and check any new urgent emails or meeting cancellations.  I refresh on the important tasks and prioritise for the day ahead, admin is usually fitted around my landlord visits and meetings for that day.  The children are ready to start their day too.

9.00 a.m.

I have left the house and I am on my way to meet Mrs Frost in Minehead, who has contacted me following a post she had seen online advertising the scheme as she is interested about learning more and considering the possibility of letting out her spare room.

10.00 a.m.

I arrive and have parked, I walk to Mrs Frost’s address and knock on the door, I introduce myself, I’m invited in and offered a nice cup of tea!  We spend the next hour discussing the accreditation scheme, how the grant can help her get the room ready and how she will have my support though out the term of her landlord accreditation.

Mrs Frost enrols on to the scheme and I carry out an initial assessment of the room.  We discuss the minor adjustments that are required to achieve her landlord accreditation and an action plan is set.

11.30 a.m.

Time to travel back to the office to write to Mrs Frost to welcome her to the scheme and to confirm our action plan. An electrical and gas check are also required for her property so I contact the Lodging Scheme Trades and arrange this.  This is fully covered within the landlord grant.

12.30 p.m.

Just some odd admin tasks to do before lunch time. Usually consists of checking if I have enough landlord packs, invoicing, advertising rooms and dealing with landlord and lodger enquiries.

13.00 p.m.

Its lunch time!  I’ve decided to be good for lunch today, but someone has brought in cakes again!!

13.30 p.m.

Lunch time is over – time to do some promotional work to advertise the scheme.  I travel to Taunton.

2.00 p.m.

I have a two hour slot whereby I attend a drop in session at West Somerset Council for anyone who may find the scheme of interest and who wants to know more.   I offer general live-landlord advice and suggest ways in which the scheme may be of help to them.

4.00 p.m.

I have an appointment with Mr Norton, he lives in Taunton, and he has now completed his action plan and is ready to become an accredited landlord.  He starts work at 5.30 p.m. so we get straight to work.  I carry out the final checks of the room and shared living spaces and confirm that Mr Norton has completed the necessary steps in becoming a professional live-in landlord.

Mr Norton is awarded his accreditation pack which contains a lodger’s agreement and the paperwork necessary documents to aid him with finding the most appropriate lodger to suit him and his lifestyle.

We go on to discuss what he is looking for in a lodger, and the terms of the lodging if offer advice regarding deposits and rental prices.  We agree and I have the necessary information to help him produce and advert for advertising.  I leave Mr Norton to go to work with the promise that he will received his accreditation certificate and advert write up within the next few days.

5.00 p.m.

I travel home.  To check if the children have completed their necessary school tasks and chat about what has been going on in our day.

5.30 p.m.

Time to talk my terrier (Poppy) and try to get the children out for some exercise – It doesn’t always work!

6.00 p.m.

Its tea time.  I’ve decided to cook some cheesy pasta, it’s always a favourite with the children.  We sit down to enjoy it and rest for a few hours before the betimes routine begins!


The Somerset West Lodging Scheme is now closed.