14 December 2022

Treescape Christmas Card

This Christmas card is the perfect activity for a cold winter’s day and is also a great addition to give your friends and family. To follow the step-by-step pictures for this craft, head over to our social media pages!


  • 7×5 white blank card
  • 7×5 blank piece of card
  • 7×5 gold card
  • Scrap piece of white card
  • Various pieces of patterned Christmas paper
  • Christmas greeting
  • Red ribbon
  • Double sided tape
  • Foam sticky pads
  • Gems
  • Scissors


  1. Take the gold piece of card and cut it to fit just inside the front of the blank card.
  2. Add double sided tape to the bank and then stick it to the front of the blank card.
  3. Repeat step 2 with the blank white piece of card, sticking it to the front of the gold card.
  4. Next using the template provided, cut three trees out of the patterned Christmas paper.
  5. Arrange the trees onto the front of the card. When you are happy with the look, stick the two back trees flat using the double-sided tape.
  6. With the final tree, place foam sticky pads on the back and then stick it in place in front of the trees you have previously stuck on.
  7. Next using the white piece of scrap card, measure up 4 cm and put a mark. Place your ruler across the mark, then whilst holding the ruler, pull the top piece of the card against the ruler causing the card to tear along the ruler.
  8. Using sticky pads attach the card to the front of the main card, covering the bottom part of the trees.
  9. Using the ribbon, make a small bow and attach to the front of the card, Finish the card by adding glitter along the tear line and a greeting to the bottom.