1 May 2019

KM had been struggling financially after starting an apprenticeship with a company in Langport. KM subsequently decided to leave as he felt he couldn’t sustain the financial implications.

KM was facing difficulties surviving on Universal Credit and was struggling to make ends meet when shopping for weekly groceries. KM became very low and went into a ‘slump’ which affected his mood greatly to the extent he didn’t come out of his room and missed on occasions his support sessions. KM’s flat was also becoming messy where he didn’t have the motivation to clean.

KM did eventually start engaging again after constant persistence and daily check-ups from support staff. KM started to feel more positive again and began participating in weekly support sessions. Consequently, KM was able to apply for jobs and has recently been successful by being offered employment.

KM has also taken steps to keep his flat clean and is proud of how he has changed things around for himself. KM had previous flat inspections that failed but has subsequently turned this around with a ‘pass’.

KM is doing really well for himself and will now be looking at a move on from Clifford Searle House he will also be referred for the TAS course as the next step to independence.

The support team are very proud of KM and are pleased that he has now turned into a positive corner.