The Beach Hotel Weston from outside

5 November 2022

The Beach Hotel Weston has opened a Public Living Room this winter as part of a North Somerset Council initiative to offer warm spaces to local communities.

The Beach Hotel Weston, part of YMCA Dulverton Group, is now open weekdays from 11am-3pm to members of the public throughout the winter months. The bar area of the hotel will provide the local community with free access to a warm and dry space with complimentary hot drinks, WiFi and a TV.

Stephen Corcoran, Head of Hotels and Accommodation at YMCA Dulverton Group said: “Everyone should have access to warm and dry space this winter and the Public Living Rooms project aims to do that.

“The bar area in the hotel is open to all between 11am-3pm weekdays and to everyone will be treated with dignity and respect, so our team will never ask the circumstances of anyone coming through our doors.

“We hope that by taking part in this project, local people will feel like they have somewhere to go this winter where they can keep out of the cold with a warm drink and a friendly face.”

Members of the public will not need to book in order to attend, and everyone is encouraged and welcome to use the space.

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