24 December 2020

A day in our role can vary massively and is led by the needs of our clients.  We can plan a day of travel and appointments and it does not always go to plan.

Today I have collected some pots, pans, and curtains that have kindly been donated for clients moving into their new homes.

I then had an appointment with a client who has just moved into her new place via Homefinder. We have made a safe plan in our Routes office for clients to come for appointments, while following COVID guidelines.

We have had to update her Universal Credit, begin the process of setting up her bills by finding out who the suppliers are and fill in a council tax support form.

She has never met me before and suffers with anxiety so it’s important I give her my attention and time and that she feels understood. This can vary from an hour to two hours depending on what the client’s needs are. I gave her some of the TAS module to take home to read about budgeting so she can come back to me with her budget plan for the bills we set up. She has taken some donations with her for curtains in her new flat.

I then walked with her to the council to support her handing in the council tax support form, as she was not sure where it was.

We scheduled another appointment and then came back to routes where I packed up my and cleaned to help keep us safe.

I walked to the car park and drove to my next client’s property. I have to remember my to sanitiser and wear a facemask while taking in as little with me as possible.

Once inside we start to discuss any issues they have come across in their tenancy.  She if worried their rent will not get paid on time.

We check the Universal Credit payment to make sure housing costs entered were correct a, which they were.  I reassured them they have done everything they can. She tells me she has a seven 7 month old but does not claim child benefits as no one has advised her to.

I will check my emails and texts in between appointments and I have normally received some from clients of random questions or asking for support with the TAS modules. I try to reply as soon as I can to continue a trusting relationship. Today I received a message from someone on their new move in date and arranged an appointment to support them with the tenancy document.

I have received a new referral from a landlord of a complex case where a tenant is risking loss of property and children if she doesn’t take more care of her family and home. I phoned the landlord to discuss in more depth how long this person has been in the property, whether other agencies are involved and what the expectation will be from TAS. I submitted her referral and sent her an introduction text to say I would be calling to discuss her sign up and a meeting.

When I communicate with any client I have to record all conversations on their running log so I make my way back to my home office to record my clients conversations, any tasks we need to do and any chase up emails. This might include finding out a question they have asked me that I do not know the answer to.


I will look at my diary for the next day and send reminder messages to anyone with appointments to give them a chance to let me know if something has changed.

Cup of tea at the end of the day!