A guide to what to bring to YMCA Daycamps or when visiting us for any indoor/outdoor activities.

● Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for any activities you/your child may be doing. Example; closed toed shoes such as trainers and not flip flops.
● Bring a coat, even if it is raining. We still do outdoor activities in the rain, wind and even snow if safe to do so.
● A spare change of clothes including socks, shoes and underwear. A towel and toiletries if you feel you may need to shower post activity.
● Food and drinks. You will find doing outdoor activities will not only make you hungry, you will need regular drink and snack breaks.
● Hot days – Remember to bring/pack for your child sun cream, hats and plenty to drink.
● Cold days – Remember to bring/pack for your child gloves, woolly hat, coat, thin warm layers are best.
● If you have a bag or anything else you want to keep safe, we have plenty of lockers in our changing rooms at YMCA Bridgwater. They require a £1.00 coin deposit.
● Emergency contact details must be completed before taking part and you must bring any inhalers or other medical items you/your child may require.
● We do not recommend wearing jewellery as most activities will require this to be removed for safety reasons.
● Mobile phones, iPods and other similar items are not recommended if brought they will need to be put in a safe place during activities, these are the responsibility of the owner.

If you have any queries about what to bring to your own, or your child’s activity session, Daycamp or school activity day, please contact YMCA Somerset Coast reception on 0333 200 1616 or by using our contact form.