11 November 2022

Macramé Christmas Tree

This Christmas, why not get creative and have a go at making this Macramé Christmas Tree? It will make a fantastic festive decoration and is a great activity to with all the family!

You will need:

  • A twig or small branch approximately 6 inches (which is quite straight) from the garden. You can also use garden canes
  • Macramé cord, wool or yarn
  • Wooden beads jewellery wire or other decorative bits
  • Comb or dog brush
  • Spray starch and Easy iron: 500 ml
  • Scissors
  • A4 Paper
  • Pencil


1. Cut a 10-inch piece of macramé cord and then fold it in half. Lay it either side of your twig slightly down from the top. Don’t worry about the neatness as the macramé stitches you are just about to do will cover it as you do them.

2. Start by cutting the macramé yarn or wool into 7- 8-inch pieces.

3.Take two strands and fold them both in half to form a loop. Place one of the loops under the twig (making sure the top piece of cord is trapped between).

4. Take the looped end of the other strand, and push the ends of the strand that’s under the twig, through the loop. Now thread the ends of that strand through the loop that’s under the twig (again making sure the top piece of cord is trapped between the stitch. Pull both strands tight.

5. Repeat until the strands cover about ¾ of the twig and the top piece of cord is hidden by the stitches.

6. Use a brush or comb to brush out the yarn or wool and separate the strands (I used an old dog brush).

7. Create a triangle template from a scrap piece of paper, where the base is 5.5 inches wide, and the triangle is 5.5inches tall at its highest point. Use the template as a guide to trim the brushed cords into a Christmas tree shape. Your macrame tree is complete!

8. The macramé Christmas trees will be a little bit soft and floppy. Spray both sides of the little macrame trees with starch. Wait a couple of seconds for it to sink into the fibres and then press lightly using an iron until dry to the touch.

To finish the tree:

You can decorate to your liking!  You could even use beads or jewellery wire to embellish, or a wicker star. Why not make more and hang them on your tree this Christmas?